A monument to Self

The tower of babel was a proverbial “last straw” for the Lord, who confused the people’s language and caused them to become scattered.  People often wonder what that was really all about–the people were unified and working together.  Isn’t that sort of peace just what God would find pleasing?  Well, it wasn’t the peace that concerned God, it was something else.  One translation says it this way:  “The people who lived there began to talk about building a great city, with a temple-tower reaching to the skies–a proud, eternal monument to themselves”  (Genesis 11:4)

It wasn’t the unity of the people, and certainly  not peace, but it was their pride in their own accomplishments–a pride that found no place for God.  Human pride soon leads to catastrophic ends.  Humans who believe themselves to be utterly wise, soon undertake things they know too little about–to the detriment of humanity.  We have seen endless medical catastrophes undertaken by those who have too little understanding of the long term effects of what they are doing. The courts are full of malpractice cases, particularly against drug companies and medical supply companies.  What about the unleashing of atomic energy–what a double edged sword!  Endless examples exist not only from medicine and science, but social science experiments as well.  Look at what the “one child” policy has created in China, for example.

No, human pride in self apart from God is rebellion.  We need ask ourselves more than “why does God intervene?”  We need to ask ourselves how much of that human pride exists in our world, our country, and in ourselves.  We have decided we will determine for ourselves the meaning of everything–personhood (abortion), marriage (alternative marriage), life (euthanasia), gender ( politically correct gender bending, including 13 gender possibilities), rights (the silencing of anyone who offends anyone)  and on and on we go.  Does anyone care what God thinks?  Anyone??

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