Planned Parenthood and the Media

I found it interesting that as a student we were taught that the German people were complicit in the crimes of the Nazi regime because they failed to speak up against the atrocities.  What I now find interesting is that Americans fail to speak up about the atrocities of  Planned Parenthood.  In Germany, the people at least had fear of the secret police as an excuse.  In this country the most we can claim is fear of bullying and name calling.  However, one excuse that may be legitimate is that the mainstream news media is barely covering the Planned Parenthood scandal, possible crimes and atrocities.  You almost can’t fault the average busy American who just scans the headlines of their chosen news outlet.  They possibly haven’t even yet heard about the Planned Parenthood news.  Our mainstream media is a propaganda machine in the sense that it determines what Americans need to know about and what they do not need to hear.  Yesterday CNN spent over half an hour on the fall of the Subway former spokesperson.  Nothing of real national concern was mentioned during that half hour–not the possible threats to national security, nothing about possible government corruption, nothing about serious federal lawbreaking–just something they chose to be the subject of national debate.


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