Made in God’s image

“To kill a man is to kill one made like God”  Genesis 9:6

Why is abortion wrong?  Some would try to justify the practice by saying the fetus is not a person yet, or if women are going to do this anyway, we should provide a safe venue.  That is a very weak argument–akin to saying if someone is going to do evil, we should make it safe for them.  No, the reason abortion is wrong goes deep.  It goes right to the heart of God.  God made us, and made us in His Image.  This means each of us is very precious to God, made by Him, and with the likeness of Himself ingrained into us.  We belong to Him.  Therefore, no one could possibly have a “right” to abortion, because no human or institution can confer that right.  Each human life belongs to God, and no human can destroy what is God’s.  Just as no one has the right to kill our children, no one has the right to kill God’s children.


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