The Holy Trinity

I was thinking about my recent post on God being one, yet a community.  That would be called in theology the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.  Many religions reject the trinity as illogical and not understandable.  Well, it is a mystery, yet I kept thinking whether there was some clue that God has left us to help us understand it.  If it is His Truth, then He does want us to believe.  Why is it so hard.  I had a dream, and in my dream I saw a bonsai tree.  I instantly realized in my dream that this was my analogy.  A tree has three parts–a root ball, a trunk (even a bonsai tree has a trunk) and foliage.  The function of each is separate, yet the tree is one, can’t exist permanently without all three parts, and it is all the same DNA.  Now I may have heard this analogy years ago and forgotten it, but I indeed do not remember ever having heard this before.  While it doesn’t explain everything about “God in three persons”, it does show another “three in one” in God’s creation and I thought it was quite good.

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