Let us make man in our image Man and maid He made them.

God is one.  Yet the mysterious comment “Let us” gives us pause.  What does it mean?  Could it mean God and the angels?  I don’t think it does, for nowhere does it say the angels helped God create.  Later in the scripture it says Jesus was present at the creation as well as the Spirit.  It certainly appears that God is one, yet a community of one.  God lives in community in some mysterious way, and theologians have tried to explain it in the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.  What is most interesting though, is that God should desire to live in community.  He who said “It is not good for man to be alone”, doesn’t live alone either.  It is also a mystery that God said man is made in God’s image.  Many have speculated on what is meant by that–is it our ability to reason, or our ability to create?  From these short two verses–Genesis 1:26 and 27, it would seem that the image God has in mind is the image of relationship–deep relationship that has the quality of creating out of plural a unity.   The male and female come together to create a unity.  Indeed it says in chapter 2 of Genesis that “the two become one flesh”.  God made male and female to complete one another for the purpose of not only companionship and helping one another, but He told them, “Multiply”.  The two are different, yet a singular entity, with the purpose of re-creating human life and extending relationship.  God did that too–in creating humans and desiring relationship with them.  In fact, in God’s picture of his relationship with Israel, He uses the bridal metaphor. He is the groom–Israel, was his bride.  Perhaps that is why God was so insistent on the purity of marriage–only the two for a lifetime.  Two whose oneness  could only be broken by death.  The violation of marital purity defaces the image of God which the couple represents.

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