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Coverage of Arizona religious liberty bill and pro gay policies.

February 26, 2014

I have to say I was very disappointed in Martha McCallum yesterday in her interview with Juan Williams and another lady (Fox News Feb 25, 2014).  She was so one sided in her opposition to the Arizona religious liberty proposed legislation, she actually said at one point “I can’t see why any self respecting gay would do business with Christians who hate gays.  The gays should just do business with other businesses, and by boycotting Christians, put them out of business.  Isn’t that what happened with some bakery business?”  The “Gay hating” argument is slander upon Christians that has long been used by the left.  Martha never allowed the guest to speak much, except to confirm what she and Williams thought. There was definitely no “fair and balanced reporting regarding this issue.   

The argument that was never allowed to be aired is this:  Bible believing Christians are now being forced to choose between sinning against God or being severely punished by their government.  This is true whether it is refusal to participate in gay weddings or refusal to provide abortion pills in health insurance policies.  It will have the de facto effect of driving bible believing Christians out of the marketplace.  They simply won’t be able to operate floral shops, bakeries, catering services or photography/video businesses.  Or in the case of the birth control mandate, they won’t be able to grow their businesses past tiny mom and pop size.  The reason so many people just don’t get this is they think morals are something we all decide for ourselves.  They think with “education/ sensitivity training” they can convince everyone to change their morals to something they consider more appropriate.  They simply don’t consider God to have any place in their ethical decision making.  The result is that now the discrimination has just been transferred where the left has always wanted it: against religious people.