Abortion and Conscience

Recently I did my own little survey.  I asked a number of people who call themselves liberal (not necessarily democrats), how they felt about Hobby Lobby owners being forced to violate their own conscience when it somes to providing for abortion pills under Obamacare.  They simply could not understand my question.  The answer was usually “you can’t force your conscience on someone else.”  Pressed about the meaning of that statement, they came up with “If you don’t pay for abortion pills, you are forcing your conscience on someone who wants them.”  They couldn’t understand that forcing the employer to pay for abortion pills in the first place is forcing someone else’s conscience on the employer.  Going further, I asked if they could think of anything that would bother their conscience  if they were forced to do it.  Only one person had an answer and it was “I would hate to have to carry a gun to protect kids in a school.”  After much thought, I have to come to the conclusion that while “liberals” have passionate feelings about what they feel are their rights, they don’t have such passion about matters of conscience.  I go further to state that none of these liberals has any solid belief in a personal God, particularly not a belief in a God who makes moral demands.



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