Why Doesn’t God Protect His Own from Suffering?

You asked a very good question. Even people who have been Christians a very long time struggle with the question “Why does God allow His own to suffer?” Many times I struggle with it myself. God does protect us, but sometimes He allows very hard things to happen to us, and we can’t understand the reason. In my own life the hardest things have been the loss of loved ones through sudden, early death. We all die, we all suffer pain, and we all lose people we love.

One thing we know is that we live in a fallen world. When sin came into the world, it was no longer the fully good and perfect place it was before. We left the door open for Satan, and He hates us. He especially hates those who love God. That may answer where the suffering comes from.  But it doesn’t answer why God doesn’t protect us from all suffering.

We know Jesus suffers along with us when we hurt. In the story about the death of Lazarus we have the shortest sentence in the bible: Jesus wept. Jesus knew He was going to raise Lazarus, but being with those who grieved touched Jesus’ heart so deeply, he wept along with them. And, He did raise Lazarus. Eventually everything we suffer will be made right, and there will be no more tears in God’s home. (Rev 21:4)

The other thing we know is God uses every thing that happens to us for our good. (Romans 8:28) I personally believe if we could see the end result of everything that happens, we would choose it for ourselves, although it might be very difficult.

I hope this helps you as you struggle with these issues for yourself. Its part of the walk with Jesus that we learn to trust Him, and if it was always easy, our trust wouldn’t be worth very much, would it?

Did you ever read a book where in the middle the main character is in such danger you wonder if he will even survive? And then you have to leave the story and do something else. Later, when you read the end, everything turns out great, but you can’t see that when you have to leave the story. Thats kind of how life is. We don’t get to fast forward to see that it turns out ok in the end.

I prayed Jesus will give you fresh reassurance that He loves you and is always on your side no matter how things look.




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