A Prayer on my 65th birthday

Dear Lord I can’t believe I’m looking at my 65th birthday already.  It came so soon…much sooner than I expected.  I still feel like I’m in my 30s or maybe my 40s.  Then I look in the mirror and I can’t believe this is my face and my body.  Its still a little shocking, because in my mind I’m much younger.  I wish I had known how fast the time would pass.  I might have spent at least some of my time differently.  I might have made more time for some things and less for others.

Thank you for letting me live long enough to see my children launch their own lives, and to meet most of my grandchildren at this point, although I hope there might be one or two more of those coming along yet.

Thank you for health, relatively few physical complaints, and at least no mental deficiencies that I can see (although my family might be too kind to point them out to me.)

I would like to ask you for a few things as time goes on.  I’d like to ask for physical health and strength to serve you for a long time yet.  I’d also like to ask for the mental capacity to be able to help, listen to, counsel and encourage others as long as I live.  I would like to ask you for the humility to age gracefully.  Please help me keep my own problems on the back burner and not burden my family and friends with too much information about those issues, especially my physical health.  Please help me have the wisdom not to always compare today with “the good old days”.  I know times have changed, and our morals have changed for the worse I think, but there was plenty going wrong when I was young.  Help me not to talk about “young people nowadays.”   Help me instead to be a friend to young people, to listen to their problems and encourage them.  Help me focus on the positive instead of the negative in all things.  Help me know when someone is asking me to share my wisdom, and not force it on people who really aren’t desiring to hear it.  I did learn most things through life experience, but not everyone wishes to hear about it. 

Help me continue to be of service to others, and to focus on what I can contribute, not what I can no longer do.  The narrowing of my boundaries due to aging may allow me to discover skills I never had time to develop before.  Help me rejoice in that.

Help me keep my attention outside of myself and try to be a blessing to other people and to my world, whatever size of a world I’m able to have.  Help me have a healthy interest in keeping myself fit, not a morbid interest in my health.  Help me talk less and listen more, be thankful, pray more and worry less. 

Help me talk to You more and listen to You more.  Help me put a priority on continuing to hear You, through Your words in scripture.  I want to know You and be comfortable with You so that I do not fear my approaching end.  I want to continue in faith that You and I will be together then, as we are now, and we will walk together out of this sphere into Your home, where You will have my rooms waiting for me.

You have loved and cared for me my whole life.  Thank you Lord.  Keep me faithful to You, loving You, through all that is yet to come till that wonderful day when I will see Your face.



One Response to “A Prayer on my 65th birthday”

  1. carolineturriff Says:

    It is wonderful that you pray for the qualities that will allow you to be of service to other people until the end of your life. It is quite selfless this prayer and that is admirable.

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