How to Pray

People have sometimes asked me how I pray.  The best way I know is just to talk to Jesus  like you would talk to your best friend.  When we see our best friends, we always greet them.  We say things to let them know we value and appreciate them.  We thank them for things they’ve done for us.  We tell them about what is going on in our lives, and finally, we ask them to help us.  Here’s where it is a little different, in that Jesus can help us with things our friends can’t begin to do.  But I like to imagine Jesus is right beside me, and I just talk to Him about whatever is on my mind.  I do keep in mind He is great and holy, but He is also forever human too.  When He came to earth as one of us, humanity became a part of His nature for all eternity.  I love that about Him.  He loved us so much, He totally identified with us, becoming in all ways as we are, except for sin.

He totally understands what we are experiencing, because He experienced every human emotion Himself.  He is truly our best friend–the best friend any human can be.



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