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Happy Gay Marriage

December 14, 2012

I have to respectfully disagree with your “Happy Gay Day” post.  Its a beautiful thing when lifetime friends care for each other when they are old.  That is wonderful.  Calling something marriage that isn’t, cheapens marriage.  I think it all depends on whether you believe marriage is just a social construct that can be changed by a vote, or if it is a God-created thing that is very basic to who we are as people and dare not be changed without consequences to us.  I’ve thought deeply about this because I do feel compassion for people who deeply desire what they should not have, and people who are very lonely.  However, what one gives up when deciding to live a homosexual lifestyle is very costly.  First, one must decide to give up the God of the bible, because He says “don’t do this”.  One must give up Jesus, because He defined marriage even more rigidly than most Christians do.  One must also give up a creator God, because that God created biology that is very specific and purposeful.  Humans cannot have sexual relations naturally except as man and woman.  Other sexual relations are artifically constructed.  So then, one must satisfy one’s religious yearnings with a God who doesn’t mind what one is doing, and that involves a god of ones own making.  Aside from God, one gives up having a family with one’s spouse.  Gays have families, but not with each other.  The artificially created families have their own problems and those are created problems.  Ask a kid who doesn’t know and can’t know who their biological parents are.  Anyway, I can celebrate this friendship and care for one another.  I can’t celebrate that they can “finally marry.”  You can call something what it is not  and no matter how many believe it, there are some truths that are self evident and unchangeable.