God help us

All of the following are in the news: finances, the fiscal cliff and economic collapse.  I’ve been researching all over the web trying to come up with good ideas about how to prepare for hard times.  Then last night I re-read the bible book of 2 Corinthians.  Right there in chapter one I see that when we come to the end of our own strength and wisdom to get out of a thing, God is there.  When we finally stop struggling and are forced to admit we can’t do any more, we get the help of God.  What God has is the power that raised Jesus from the dead, and the wisdom that created the universe.  What could be better? 

I have to ask myself, do I really believe that?  I realize there are shades of belief.  I have logically worked out for myself that the new testament accounts about Jesus are true, that Jesus is truly God, and that if Jesus promised a thing, it will surely come true.  Thats logical belief.  A step deeper, or maybe a mile deeper is belief that actually trusts God.  Someone once said if a person rode across niagra falls on a bicycle and we saw it, we would say “sure, he can do it again.”  Thats logical belief.  But if he invited me to ride on the handlebars–thats belief of another kind to agree to do it.  That belief is miles deeper than logical belief.  While I think God asks each of His children to be prudent and productive in preparing for the future, He knows there will be a point when we absolutely need Him.  Do we trust Him, and His love to be there?


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