Conscience, Tyranny and Hobby Lobby

The liberal elites just don’t get it.  Hobby Lobby is willing to buy employee health coverage.  That was never an issue.  However, Hobby  Lobby is a Christian business, and as such, runs their business according to deeply held principles.  The conscience of the business is answerable to God.  In fact, this is the underlying philosophy of most businesses who advertise themselves as Christian.  The side benefit for all, is you can be sure of getting honest treatment when dealing with these companies.

No, the issue is that Hobby Lobby wants to provide employee health insurance up to but not including abortifacient pills.  That is an issue to which they feel answerable to God.  To Hobby Lobby, abortion is defiance toward God, who created the life and owns it.  When the government decides to persecute Hobby Lobby for that stance and no other reason (since Hobby Lobby has no problem with providing employee health insurance that meets all other standards) the government has become tyrannical.  I say persecution, because the punitive fine imposed for not providing abortifacients will quickly put Hobby Lobby out of business.  Government is not God.  Since our whole bill of rights is predicated on our God given rights, government is usurping God’s authority when it tramples the consciences of those who sincerely believe they must obey God first.  Only a government at odds with God in the eyes of believers, would put them in such a position.  It is something very hard for secularists to understand.  Used to compromise and relative values, its hard to imagine a secularist ever being in a position of having to violate conscience.  No one can violate your conscience if it is fluid.


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