Can One be a Progressive and a Christian?

To me, “progressive” means we change the gospel message, especially the old scriptures of Jesus day to fit the social order of today.  Things that used to be considered sin are no longer considered so.  How we feel matters.  If something feels right, we just know it is right.  There are no universal or timeless morals.  It all depends on the culture. As a progressive I would no longer know any absolutes about right and wrong except that murder is wrong unless it can be justified.  I think progressivism is a lot like the situational ethics of the 60s and 70s.  Sin is really an anachronism.  God loves everyone, so it just doesn’t matter.  How you feel about your life matters more.  And we are all in progress, so we are tolerant.  Being tolerant is the greatest virtue of all.  The idea that anyone needs to be “saved” from anything is a dying fundamentalist idea.  What is special about Christianity?  Really, nothing at all.  All roads lead to God, whatever you consider God to be.

I’m not a progressive.  I think God comes first, not man.  God is the determiner of all things, not man.  God has had a say about things in the person of Jesus Christ.  Anyone who studies Jesus, what He did, what He said, and what He quoted, would realize being a follower of Jesus necessarily clashes with progressive Christianity in its view of morality.


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