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Can One be a Progressive and a Christian?

July 31, 2012

To me, “progressive” means we change the gospel message, especially the old scriptures of Jesus day to fit the social order of today.  Things that used to be considered sin are no longer considered so.  How we feel matters.  If something feels right, we just know it is right.  There are no universal or timeless morals.  It all depends on the culture. As a progressive I would no longer know any absolutes about right and wrong except that murder is wrong unless it can be justified.  I think progressivism is a lot like the situational ethics of the 60s and 70s.  Sin is really an anachronism.  God loves everyone, so it just doesn’t matter.  How you feel about your life matters more.  And we are all in progress, so we are tolerant.  Being tolerant is the greatest virtue of all.  The idea that anyone needs to be “saved” from anything is a dying fundamentalist idea.  What is special about Christianity?  Really, nothing at all.  All roads lead to God, whatever you consider God to be.

I’m not a progressive.  I think God comes first, not man.  God is the determiner of all things, not man.  God has had a say about things in the person of Jesus Christ.  Anyone who studies Jesus, what He did, what He said, and what He quoted, would realize being a follower of Jesus necessarily clashes with progressive Christianity in its view of morality.

Is it more Christian to support Gay Marriage?

July 30, 2012

I had this answer recently for a man who believes Christian love means we are to accept what gay people do as part of who they are, and we are to accept gay marriage because its the just and loving thing to do.  He does not believe Christians are to make any judgments about gay marriage at all, and if we let it go and give it our approval, more gays will become Christian and that is what Christian love is all about.  Here is my answer:

I do not agree with the westbro baptists, and dislike what they say and do. I believe Jesus loves gays. However, gay marriage will cause a tremendous amount of hurt for the people involved in artificial sex and artificial families. I hate no one, but feel just tremendously sad that the beautiful thing God created has been painted over with human art and so many people will be hurt as a result. Gay people can be and are wonderful people, and I have known and loved gay people. I have also wept with children who were conceived out of normal wedlock and have a disconnect with their biological parents and biological heritage. I am not an uneducated person. I have a masters degree in psychology. I have worked with many troubled people, gay and straight. It is just a sad day when we take what God designed and change it into something that feels right to people who are “doing what is wise in their own eyes.” Have you ever talked with children of gay parents who were the product of donated sperm or eggs?  BTW, I will not call people names, question their motives or otherwise insult them if they do not agree with me. I do not appreciate being called a hater, nor am I judging any individual person. I have merely expressed the opinion that gay marriage hurts children who are artificially conceived , and ultimately the greater society is hurt, as the family unit is weakened. I would say the same thing about divorce, open marriage, artificial conception and this society’s general treatment of sex as recreation rather than part of a sacred bond. “Love first” is what we are all called to do. If I see a large group of rafts heading toward a waterfall, and I know something about what has happened in the past, am I obligated to say something, or should I let them have their beautiful day of fun rather than be judgmental about rafters, a fear monger, or someone who just doesn’t understand the joys of rafting. What is love? What would love do? I think it is interesting that the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery is always used as an example of the “do not judge” rule. And I do not for a moment think my sins are somehow less than anyone else’s. In that story though, Jesus ends by telling the woman, “neither do I condemn thee, but go and sin no more. He didn’t say ” You’re ok just the way you are.”  I think those who wanted to throw stones were condemned more for not trying to help the woman in a spirit of humility and shared weakness, rather than for saying there was something wrong with what was going on.