A Bitter Irony

I read an article yesterday about the state of Virginia’s concern over rats.  It seems rats are being transferred from Washington DC and relocated into Virginia, making them Virginia’s problem.  Washington DC, concerned with animal rights and right to life is now requiring all exterminators and pest control experts to have a “no kill” policy.  Rats must be captured along with their “families”, where possible and relocated to another place.  Since rats will return is relocated too close to their former home, they are taking the rats out of state into Virginia.

The irony is that Washington DC has the highest abortion rate in the nation.  Its abortion rate is three times the national average.  Its seems DC’s concern for rats lives doesn’t extend to babies.  Could it be that babies are deemed either more dangerous pests, or less worthy of life than rats?  Rats carry disease.  Newborns don’t.


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