Can a nation survive losing its young?

Its been said that one of the reasons Britain lost its greatness was the two generations it lost in war.  It simply couldn’t survive as an economic powerhouse with a significant loss of its younger population.  What would happen to a country that lost 15% of its population, especially if that population loss occurred solely among those younger than 40.  Could it survive the economic loss of energy, earning power, innovation, tax base, reproductive potential, and so on?  Its a good question to ask because the U.S. has now lost 15% of its population, solely the under 40 population.  Who knows what talent and what greatness was lost, and how even future generations will be affected.  We are an aging, topheavy economy, and the effect of that hasn’t been fully experienced yet.  The U.S. has aborted 50 million of its young.  No nation has ever even considered such a thing, and certainly hasn’t considered such a loss to be in its national interest.  This week we remember 39 years of Roe v Wade.  Something to pause and think about.


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