Thoughts for a New Year

Throughout history, humans have had all kinds of religious and antireligious ideas.  Because God is so far removed from humankind, it would be impossible to know Him unless He revealed Himself to us.  Christians believe He did that.  In Jesus, God appeared in human form to reveal himself to us and also to ransom us from the power of evil and death.  Its quite a story–not something humans are likely to think of.  Jesus did things no human has ever done before or since, including rising from the dead.  His remarkable stories are written down for us by people who were eyewitnesses to history, and they risked and sometimes gave their lives telling what happened.  You can read it for yourself.  Look for a book called the New Testament and see what You think.  Wishing you peace, joy, blessings, and a relationship with the God who made and loves you!




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