Writing on here again

I realized I’ve taken quite a break from this blog.  I haven’t taken a break from writing, just blogging.  I’ve been writing for some other websites, and doing an internet mentoring kind of thing.  Thats where people write in with all sorts of concerns and questions and look for someone who can help them untangle things.  One site has been concerning faith issues, and the other, mostly relationship issues.  I got into this through a master’s program which I just completed this year.  Its a Christian psychology master’s program, and that was also a lot of writing.  What is Christian psychology, you might ask?  That would require another post.

The other website concerning faith is something I got into just by word of mouth.  This year I would like to learn a whole lot more about apologetics.  And what is that?  Apologetics isn’t apologizing for anything, but comes from the Greek, and means giving a defense.  It says in the bible that we are to study so that we may always give a ready defense for why we believe as we do.  In doing this website about faith, I realize how much more I need to know about defending my faith in Jesus, and that is my learning goal for 2012.  I’ll share more about what I learn, as I remember best those things I share.


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