Lord Jesus, today we celebrate your birth into our world.  What would our world have been like without you.  For four hundred years before your birth, heaven was silent–no prophets, no angelic visitations.  People must have thought you had forgotten them.  And then you came.  God with us.  You left your home and came into our dark and cold world.

A humble teenage girl agreed to grow and birth you.  She agreed to care for you, not knowing what that meant for her.  It could have meant disgrace, the loss of the man she loved, and maybe the loss of her life.  Yet, she said yes to your living in her life.  Today you ask the same of me.  Your desire is to live in my life–to have the place of honor in my heart.  Yes, come Lord Jesus.  Live in me.  Live your life in me.  Go with me wherever I go. Love through me.  Do your goodness through me.  Lord, do the biggest thing you want to do in my life, and then help fearful, trembling me to get out of your way while you do it.  Let 2012 be the year Jesus fully lived His Life in Nonni.


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