Sell the Boat

After Jesus rose from the dead and after he appeared to the apostles in the upper room, He appeared to them again at the Sea of Tiberias.  The apostles knew Jesus had risen, but they absolutely didn’t know what they were supposed to do next.  So, after all the dramatic and miraculous events of the past three years, they returned to what they knew best, their fishing boats.  And thats where Jesus met them again.  Jesus reinstated Peter, who in fear had denied three times that he knew Jesus.  And Jesus told Peter to “feed my lambs” and “feed my sheep”.  In order to move on and fulfill what Jesus was calling him to do, Peter would have to sell the boat.  This was all Peter knew.  It had been his livelihood all his adult life.  He understood fishing.  He trusted fishing.  Jesus gave him a miraculous catch of fish, and then told him to do something else.  Peter would have to sell the boat and cut his ties to the familiar and the comfortable. 

Is there something I know I am being called to do, but I am hanging back?  Is it because its out of my comfort zone, it seems too difficult and I’m sure I’m not up to it?  Is there something I’m not willing to give up?  Do I love something more than pleasing my Lord?  Is it a vocation, a place, a home, a possession, a relationship, a group where I belong?  What is my boat?  Will I sell the boat?


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