Character development

Springtime reminds me of those days long ago when we put in a lawn.  We pulled out a truckload of rock from the lot.  Then we rototilled and pulled out a second load.  We felt the need to rototill a second time and we brought out a third truckload of rock.  Only then could we till in some compost and peatmoss and finally achieve a depth of soil for grass to take root.  What a lot of hours of preparation so we could have a beautiful lawn.

Oh Lord, how like my life!  When You and I began to work on me, we found so much wrongdoing, bad habits and bad attitudes to remove.  Then as You, Lord, began to till my life, how many more wrong things appeared, things I never recognized before, and I am having to get rid of those too.   Some areas of my life are being tilled over and over and tilled very deep.  It hurts to see more of the same things I thought we pulled up before, as well as more new things I don’t like.  But Lord, I know its necessary to till the soil of my life if your precious fruit is to grow in it.  Hav your way with me Lord.  You are the master gardener.  Only give me all You need to grow in me all that You desire.



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