A Prayer for Help to Forgive

Lord, I know unforgiveness blocks Your living water in my own soul.  It cuts off the flow in my spiritual arteries.  What am I to do?  I see things and hear things that stab my heart.  Immediately I must bring them to You.  You saw what I saw.  You know I feel what I feel.  I am to leave this in Your capable hands.  You know what I cannot know.  You see into the heart of the other person, and You will deal with them in love, as is necessary.  I am to let go and just love.  I can “just love” by praying for their good, and by saying and doing good to them if and where I am able.  I am to think their good by remembering that You love them and You are bringing about good in their life.  Help me have Your thoughts and an attitude that pleases You.

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One Response to “A Prayer for Help to Forgive”

  1. The Battle Rages « iamhear Says:

    […] Today is one of those days of battle with myself.  Trying to make myself let go of the negative emotions, the anger, the hurt, the sadness of loss … all the things I have already written about.  I found a sweet blog today, with two posts that brought me peace, that helped me find center again, if only for the few minutes that I read them, Loving an Enemy and A Prayer for help to Forgive. […]

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