The Little Things

This was written by my daughter in law about a bad week they had several years ago.   Nonni

“Looking back over my life, I remember a year some time ago when everything seemed to go wrong in one week.  In just one week, we had a car accident.  A large dental bill was denied by our insurance comany.  A virus shut down our only comuter.  The IRS notified us they wanted to talk to us about a mistake in our taxes that was going to cost us.  We had a blizzard and our second car broke down in a parking lot in the midst of the blizzard.  We made it home, but had no way to go get it, and the first car was still in the shop from its accident.  Then we were notified by our bank of possible identity theft. 

About to go to pieces, I went to the Lord.  He reminded me that no one died, no one was injured, no one was ill, we weren’t bankrupt, and that none of what happened would affect the rest of our lives.  I recorded all this in a prayer journal, and looked back one year later.  In just one year, every single one of these problems had been solved.  God is in control of all things, and even when the “little” things seem to pile up all at once, they are never too much for Him.  In time and one by one, these things do get sorted out.  Thank you Lord. “


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