Patience as a Virtue

For the purposes defining patience as a virtue, I will use the “Message” bible.  It defines patience as a willingness to stick with things (and I will add people).  Where we often think of patience as the willingness to be gentle in traffic or trying situations, to be a virtue, it must be much more than that.  Patience is the attitude of doing whatever it takes to solve a relationship problem or to finish a job.  Patience keeps one going through the trying times of a marriage or other relationship.  Patience keeps one faithful to their calling when difficulties arise.  Patience keeps one true to their commitments when it would be so tempting to walk away.  I don’t have to look for opportunities to practice patience.  I’ll recognize them in every temptation to withdraw from a situation or a person instead of working things out.  The reward of patience is seen in such things as retirement from a career or the special joys of a long marriage or old friendship.  There is also a reward in the development of this virtue.  As it says in the “Living” bible  ” For when your patience is finally in full bloom, then you will be ready for anything, strong in character, full and complete.” (James 1:4)


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