Faithfulness as a Virtue

At first glance, faithfulness might look a lot like patience because of the “sticking to it” quality both have.  But it is a little different.  The “Message” bible defines faithfulness as being loyal.  This is loyalty to my convictions, to my commitments and to the people I love.  It has something to do with integrity in that it means I will not compromise my convictions no matter the cost.  It has something to do with honor in that I will not put aside my commitments no matter the cost.  My word is my word.  It also has to do with loyalty to people in that I will stand with my friends even when it is not easy or popular to do so.  Ultimately it means I will stand for God and what I believe He wants even when it costs everything to do so.  This is not a virtue that has an emotional reward in the same sense that joy and peace have, but there is a quiet strength in knowing with God’s help I did not cave in through weakness to something I believe in my own heart to be wrong.


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