Achieving a virtuous character

After looking at all the virtues enumerated in my previous posts, I really want to achieve them.  However, I find it is a lot like making New Years Resolutions.  I fall back into old habits and I forget my desired new ways of thinking and living.  Its a lot like trying to lose weight.  What I want to do I do not do.  What I do not want to do I do all too easily.  It reminds me of the apostle Paul talking about his own struggles in Roman’s  chapter 7.  The answer is God’s help.  If I am a Christian, I have repented of selfishing living and of not loving God as He deserves to be loved.  I have accepted the forgiveness God promises me when I turn to Him and accept Jesus Christ as my savior from sin and as the Lord (boss) of my life.  When that happens, God’s spirit comes to live in me.  It is God’s spirit who changes me over time and makes me more able to be what pleases Him, more virtuous, and having a more worthy character.  I simply cannot do this as a self help program.  That is why the virtues I posted about yesterday are called “Fruits of the Holy Spirit.”  But, thanks be to God, He is working harder than I am, and will be faithful to complete the good work He has begun in me.


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