Peace as a Virtue

A lot of us don’t think of peace as a virtue, but rather as something we would like to attain for our own blessing.  However, peace, like joy is a way to worship God.  How is that possible?  Whenever I am worried or troubled about something its an uncomfortable situation, and I may try and try to solve the issue myself.  Or, I may take that trouble to God and ask Him to care for it and to care for me.  Many of us do that, but then we take it right back and continue to worry about it.  Letting God handle our worries requires Faith, and Faith pleases God.  Suppose our child brought us a broken toy to fix after they went to bed.  Suppose then, as we fixed the toy we well knew how to fix, that child got up every half hour to make sure we were doing what we promised?  That is what we do when we take our worries to God and then keep on worrying.  Instead, as an act of faith and worship in our God who can do all things and does all things well, we leave our worries with Him and go to sleep.  In the end, our own health and happiness are nourished tremendously.


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