Too old

I have had a break from blogging, while at my quite advanced age, I worked on a master’s degree.  I thought long and hard about getting this degree, then realized if I didn’t know how old I was, I would get the degree.  I ask myself this question a lot lately.  What would you be doing if you didn’t know how old you are?  So, I went on and got the degree.  However long God allows me to remain on this earth, I hope the quality of what I offer others in service will be broader and deeper because of what I have learned and will continue to learn, having done the work for this degree.

In going back to school, I realized more than ever how much I don’t know.  College courses open a lot of doors that one doesn’t have time to explore  till the degree work is done!  So now I am finished with course work, I can get down to the real work of exploring all I learned I need to know and don’t yet know.  I shall be studying as long as God gives me my faculties.  If we live forever, and I certainly believe God intends His own to live with Him forever, then nothing we learn is ever wasted.  Its a part of us forever.

Well, I have written paper after paper and prepared for many essay exams.  That had burned all the writing out of me.  But its over now, and as I can now study what I wish, I can also write what I wish, and its very exciting.  May God be pleased with what I write, for I write to glorify Him, and try to write what I believe He is giving me and allowing me to learn and experience.

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