California Religion

I recently spent a couple of weeks in California, and was quite interested in the religion of that culture.  It is quite a different culture from the majority American culture, although there are many “Californians” all over the world, and many in California who don’t share the culture.  However, the religion of California is the majority religion in that state.

In California religion there isn’t a definite God.  One doesn’t worship a definite God because defining God might be considered intolerant to other’s beliefs of a God or gods or no god.  Only bigots go to church in California.  If you subscribe to a particular belief system, that means you don’t accept other’s belief systems, and that is intolerant.  You must accept the behavior of others no matter what it is, except for some forms of murder, but not all, and some forms of child abuse, but not all.  If you don’t accept what others do, you are judging them, and that is bigotry.

It is important to be spiritual.  You are spiritual if you talk to something spiritual.  This is not a definite god, but can be an angel, a spirit guide, your own divine self, your better self or someone  you loved who is now deceased.  If you live according to the better spirit, honor the earth and honor your self, you are correctly spiritual.

The earth is the most important thing.  The earth is more important than people.  There are too many people.  A good number of people might be a million of two.  We should quit having children until we get down to just a few million people.  Then the earth will heal itself and be what it should be.  That is why alternate sex is good–so we don’t keep breeding.  Those who are breeders are bad.  Any other sex is good as long as no one is forced.

Business is bad.  Business people are all greedy, conniving and bad, and they are ruining the earth.  There should be no business.  Governments are the proper way to conduct business.  They tightly control all the bad things businesses do.

Marijuana and some other drugs are wonderful for us and should be allowed in abundance.  They make us all peaceful, humorous and creative.  We see more and learn more when we use drugs.  If everyone had a couple joints a day there would be no more war.  Marijuana must have been invented by the angels for our good.

Marriage is bad as it is practiced in our society.  No one should give in to anybody else.  We should all be free always to do whatever we find it in ourselves to do.  Marriage is too stifling for most people, unless you agree ahead of time that you will each remain free to do whatever you want.

Socialism is a good thing that has been much maligned by evil right wingers.  If the government takes care of everyone, there is no need for marriage or children.  The government will be your safety net and will take care of you when you get old.  The government is necessary to ensure everyone gets treated fairly all the time and that wealth is spread and evil business doesn’t mess things up for everyone else.  People are poor because business people take everything for themselves.

All of us should be whatever we want to be no matter what.  We should follow our own desires no matter what.  Never give up a dream no matter who gets in your way.  Be your best self.  Follow your own star.  Do whatever feels good to you, its the spiritual thing to do.  Listen to your body and listen to your feelings, for they will never lead you wrong.  Don’t get involved with evil, rich, business or right wing people.

People who live in California have asked me why I don’t live there.  I ask too many questions, and therefore am probably considered  intolerant.  I don’t fit.

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