Lord Let Me Be a Paintbrush in Your Hand

Lord, let me be a paintbrush in your hand.

Let me be in the bundle of brushes you hold in your hand as you paint your eternal masterpiece.  Let me stay a usable brush; pliable, so that I move as you move, and your colors flow through me. Let me not stiffen against your will either through neglect, carelessness or contrariness.  Keep me filled with the color of your choice and not wander beyond your limits for me, for that will muddy my colors and the colors of those around me.

Lord, grant me glimpses of the beauty you create.  I need an occasional insight to keep me encouraged.  Help me realize I’m too small, too bound and too close to the action to ever see your big picture while I’m down here.  Someday you’ll take me far away where I can see your work in all its loveliness.  Meanwhile, as a brush, I can take no credit for the beauty you’ve created, but I am so happy that you chose to use me.

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2 Responses to “Lord Let Me Be a Paintbrush in Your Hand”

  1. littlelamblx Says:

    wow this is really beautiful..

  2. michaelanthonyc Says:

    Very well and beautifuly said! It’s when we align with His will that the most magnificient painting can be conceived. I believe to many people want to the glory but not the submission, cause all the glory is God’s!

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