Dogs and Heaven

If you have ever owned a dog, you have probably experienced one of two rather disgusting episodes.  Either your dog tangled with a skunk, or it rolled in something so sickening you gagged as you had to bathe it.  Did you ever think of all the theological implications of this situation in relation to God and his humans?

People often ask “Why doesn’t God just let everyone into heaven?”  We could logically ask why we don’t just let all our reeking dogs into the house.  Humans all have a stench called sin, and we have to be cleaned and deodorized before we can be let into God’s house.

People often say “I’m a pretty good person, not like most people”.  Would we go around smelling skunk-sprayed dogs to try to determine which smelled better than the others?  They all stink too much to be let inside.

Some people say “I would never go to church–there are too many hypocrites there.”  Should one smelly dog refuse to go to the groomers salon because its full of other smelly dogs?

God does provide a way for us to be cleaned.  All it requires is for us to ask his forgiveness and we are completely deodorized, because of the price Jesus paid to have it done.  However, like some dogs, we may come when we are called, or we may run away and keep on running until we become lost forever.

We don’t get into the master’s house because we’ve been good enough, or do great tricks or look adorable–we get in because He loves us, calls us and cleans us up.  Humans have a problem called pride.  We don’t want to ask God’s forgiveness.  We would rather try to earn our way in.  We don’t want to admit we’re all beggars, completely dependent on God from start to finish.  In this case, we would do well to be more like our dogs.  They aren’t ashamed to beg.

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