Church and Excuses 2

When asking someone to come to church with you, don’t be surprised to hear the number one excuse.  “I don’t go to church because its too full of hypocrites”.  Well, imagine that!  A hypocrite is one who upholds standards of behavior or ideals that are too high to be reached, and they often fail to live up to the standards they profess.  Consider the alternative.  I could lower my standards until I’m sure I will never have a problem living up to them.  Then instead of being a hypocrite, I will be accused of all sorts of names given to lazy, underachieving people.  Its a no-win situation.    A better answer to this excuse is:  “How can someone claim to love God whom they can’t see, if they can’t stand his followers whom they do see.”  I’m actually paraphrasing the first letter of the apostle John.


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