“Gods Will”

A friend lost her husband this month and someone said “God’s will.”  Another person has cancer and may die of it and someone says “Maybe thats God’s will.”  And so I realize that for me “God’s will” has taken on a very negative sound.  I sure don’t want God’s will in my life.  But what am I saying?

I think of my own parenthood.  I think of Christmas morning and how I enjoyed the delight in my children’s faces when they opened something they really wanted .  I wouldn’t give them coupons for braces for their teeth, glasses, orthopedic shoes and medical procedures.  Oh yes, I’ve given them all these things too, because they were necessary.  But it was hard for me, and I held them and helped them through it.  My real joy was giving them things to delight them.  If thats true for me, how very much more it must be true for God.  How He must enjoy delighting his children.  How He must enjoy delighting me.


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One Response to ““Gods Will””

  1. Eden Says:

    Nice post! He truly does enjoy giving us the desires of our hearts. I would love your opinion on my blog if you have the time.

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