Prayer when sharing Jesus

Lord Jesus, I so want the people I love to know You–really know you personally.  I want You to be as real to them as their best friend.  Yet, overtures on my part, to share You with them seem to be treated as just another solicitation, another piece of advertising, or just another scam.  Are we so bombarded with all our media we have just shut down to new ideas?  Do we just cut off and shut off everything with cynicism?  We still seem to know about those things that interest us?  Why is that?  Are we interested in only those things that entertain or benefit us, while demanding nothing.  Is that it?  Do people push away any knowledge of You because they fear You will demand something?  What can be done about that Lord?  You surely are the best friend anyone could ever imagine, yet you do demand everything we are and have.  How can that be?  Because friendship with You changes everything about us.  The love and joy we enter into makes us want to give our all for You.  How can we explain that Jesus ?  We need Your help and Your intervention into our loved one’s life.  No wonder it is said that faith is a gift.  “Even your faith is not your own, it too, is a gift from God.” (Ephesians 2:8)

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