Mother Teresa and Doubt

Some months ago a lot of press time was given to Mother Teresa’s journal.  The big news was that she had doubts, sometimes doubting God’s love for her or that God heard her.  The articles centered on the doubt, as though Mother Teresa’s life was somehow in vain.  I wonder if all the doubt doesn’t just make her all the more precious.  It seems all the great saints of old had not only doubts, but real “dark night of the soul” experiences.  It seems that Faith doesn’t reach greatness without trial.  That Mother Teresa’s life seems to have ended before the “dark night” was over is something only God understands.

I remember the story of Job, and Satan’s taunt that Job would be unfaithful to God if he were allowed to suffer.  And Job did suffer, and Job had doubts, but Job remained faithful to God.  God rewarded him with a greater revelation of  Who God Is, as well as other blessings.  I wonder if Satan didn’t throw down a taunt about Mother Teresa.  “See how much she speaks of love and acts with love if You take away her sense of Your Presence.”  We all saw love spoken, and love written, and loving works done till the very end of her life.  Weren’t God and Mother Teresa vindicated before Satan?  And wasn’t her loving service of even greater value when it was given in the darkness?  We love best when we love as Jesus did, without receiving anything- even God’s encouragement- in return.  If her life were a test, surely God smiled at the end.


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One Response to “Mother Teresa and Doubt”

  1. Christopher Beale Says:

    Very well written, and an awesome perspective.

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