Arguments and Arguments

I have received several posts from contrarians. Normally I print all comments when I have time to post a thoughtful response. However, I have learned not to bother with people who argue for the sake of argument. Its endless. No matter what you say, how well thought out or presented, they have some kind of argument. They aren’t really interested in thinking or pursuit of truth, just putting others down. Its obvious by the way they set up caricatures of others beliefs, they haven’t done their research. They are often disrespectful of huge groups of people, writing them off with their simplistic descriptions. For the record, I have studied biochemistry, cell biology, microbiology, arguments for and against evolution, comparative religions, bible research and arguments for and against intelligent design, all at the college level. I have decided the best evidence is on the side of a creator. I have also decided the evidence for both the historicity and claims of Jesus Christ are compelling. This is for each of us to decide. There are two opposing worldviews that can’t be reconciled. One is the naturalistic, godless evolutionary worldview. The other is the creator God worldview. They travel in opposite directions, and once you decide on one or the other, your life choices will reflect your starting point. All I can advise is study deeply and honestly, and choose wisely.


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