Have You Ever Read Any of the Bible?

One of the more interesting questions you can ask a person is whether they have ever read the bible.  Most people haven’t read any of it.  You can follow up the question by asking why, but you probably won’t have to ask.  People will volunteer their reasons for not reading it.  You’ll get everything from “its too boring”, “its too hard to understand”, “its too long”, “its just a bunch of fables” to “its a waste of time”.  Ask if they can recall reading one book of the bible and which one it is.  They can’t remember.  They have written off the whole bible when it is, in reality, a library of 66 books.  There are books of poetry and history, collections of letters, prayers and visions. The history is more and more being proved reliable by archeological discoveries.  Why not just start with the book of Genesis?  Its anything but boring, or hard.  If a book seems boring, go onto the next one.  You’ll be a much wiser, more insightful person just for reading the books of the bible you find interesting.  In fact, you’ll be surprised how much it captures your interest, and how much of it you will read.  Just be sure to get a good translation.  We don’t speak King James English anymore, so reading that can be as difficult at times as reading Shakespeare.



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