The Road Not Taken

I was exhausted.  It had been a six day workweek.  I was tired of performing for people, tired of talking, and had a long “to do” list staring me in the face.  Friends asked me if I would like to hike a new road, a “fire trail” up into the mountains.  I declined.  I just felt too tired and too overwhelmed by my “to do” list.  Later, they showed me pictures of their hike.  It was exquisite scenery, with lovely autumn trees, wildlife, and mountain scenery of the valley below.  I was immediately saddened at what I had missed.  Pictures didn’t begin to do this afternoon justice, I knew.  I wondered what would have happened if I had taken the hike.  I would have probably had to do laundry until late in the night.  Now, I think that would have been worth it.



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