Useless Input Around the Clock

We see it everywhere we go.  Couples on a date, both on their cell phones.  Parent and child together and both are text messaging.  People come from great distances for a conference and spend their breaks on a laptop.  People watch the news around the clock, but don’t know their neighbors.  Are we having the right conversations?  Isn’t face to face conversation the most valuable?  Don’t we need voice, facial expressions and touch?  Don’t we need to take time for face to face interactions with spouses, children, friends and neighbors.  The news we watch usually concerns far away places we can’t help or influence.  Yes, we should be informed, but how much do we know about the issues in our own communities where we can make a difference.  And, so it goes.  Year by year we are more plugged in and more tuned out.  And so our marriages die, our kids drift and our communities grow cold.



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