The Three Pillars

In earlier times, and not so long ago, our well-being depended upon three pillars:  family, church and community.  When misfortune befell a person, family would help.  “Thats what families are for” is certainly a saying I heard often.  When troubles were too big for family, the church would help.  When someone was sick, church members brought meals, tended children, mowed lawns and filled the hospital waiting room with support and prayer.  When the problem was bigger still, the whole community got involved.  They helped burned out families, laid off bread winners, widows and orphans.  The scope was small, the help was real help and the whole enterprise was personal.  If the town helped you, it could expect your help tomorrow.  Conversely, when you helped someone, you knew you could be in need yourself the next time.

Now all three pillars are wobbly, and there could be many articles written on the reasons why.  But we didn’t keep our foundations repaired.  Now when we’re in trouble and want a safety net, about all thats left for many of us is the government.  Government help is less helpful in many ways because it is uncaring and impersonal.  Better to have the help of those who know you, understand your needs and care about you.



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