The Dark Side of Young Fiction

The school librarian spoke animatedly about the trends in young people’s fiction.  From the child witches and wizards of the Harry Potter series, through the vampire series, to the futuristic struggles for survival under tyrannical powers, themes of good and evil are explored.  In a naturalistic world, the supernatural in these books is not off limits.  The one thing seemingly off limits is God.  Heroes fight evil, love conquers evil, yet what defines good and what prompts sacrificial love without God as the author of  good and love and the supernatural?  Children have an instinctual appreciation of good and love and God, yet the latter is consistently absent.  Why?


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One Response to “The Dark Side of Young Fiction”

  1. niggeritis Says:

    because most authors are afraid to explore the concept of God due to religious reasons or simply for the continuation of the series. If one includes God in a book then readers will think, “Well if God is present then why doesn’t he just fix everything?” and other useless questions like that which the author does not want his/her readers to focus on.

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