Stonehenge and Purpose

Once upon a time I proposed the possibility that Stonehenge could have been caused by natural processes.  There are many stone circles throughout Europe which formed during the Ice Age, when the freezing caused ice to form in circular patterns, moving earth and stones in the process.  I hypothesized that the power of glaciers, which is massive, could have forced these stones into a circle, and forced some, not all, the lintel stones to rest across the upright stones.  Then as the ice melted some stones were left balanced and some were left on the ground.  I got lots of protests.  One was that these stones were a special kind of rock that had to be brought to the site.  One was that the lintel stones had to be fastened into place.  One was that these stones seemed to have a purpose.  These arguments implied design and hence, a designer, not some natural processes.  I actually agree that Stonehenge was designed.  Yet to be consistent, lets look at what is often said about a cell.  Even the simplest cell has specialized material, amazing complexity, purpose in every component, and the ability to ensure survival of the species through reproduction.  Yet, probably the majority of scientists would say the cell came about through natural processes over time. 

A cell screams design in its every part, yet science would deny a designer.  They wouldn’t likely deny a designer for Stonehenge, but for the cell they reject a designer.   The designer of the cell would have to be God.  It certainly isn’t random processes, and it certainly isn’t a human designer.  Yet scientists refuse to believe in a designer whose intelligence is greater than their own.  The writer of the Psalms said “The fool says in his heart there is no God”.  The definition of a fool is one who cannot recognize obvious evidence.



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