Politics is a Temporary Thing

During these dark and worrisome days, it helps to remember politics is a temporary thing.  When we look at the state of our economy and the almost certain passage of a plan which will become a nationalized healthcare plan within a few years, there is a worst case scenario.  While not all the specifics are the same, its useful to look at Argentina.  It shows what happens when a country collapses under its debt.  We may not collapse for the same reasons, but the collapse will likely look similar.  Ironically, ours may be worse and last longer, because we are bigger, our load will be bigger, and the IMF will be less able to help us recover.  The likelihood is, we may go through the hardest times this country has ever seen.  In Argentina, about a quarter of the nation was jobless and homeless.  Here, I predict people will double and triple up in houses, and they will have to share everything to survive.  There will be more crime and unrest, and as services fail, some of us will die for lack of basic healthcare, electricity, and possibly even food and water.  However, most of us will survive.  As my grandmother would say “And what is this in the light of eternity?”  She was right, of course, for despite the long life I’ve lived, I can promise life passes quickly.  And we are all going to die sooner or later, of something or other.  The intervening years may be very tough, but we will take it a day at a time, and we will do whatever we must.  God always knew we would be foolish, and He has it covered.  He certainly never wastes a crisis, or anything else either.  So, while I can get all hot and bothered about how bad conditions were in the 1980s when I was living in England, and how we in the U.S. are now going merrily down the same path, God is in control.  And “What is this in the light of eternity?”  “This too, shall pass.”


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