A Heartwarming Memory

When I was eleven years old, my father began building a flower shop.  He had already had a heart attack, and decided to support his family with a business that would be less stressful and physically strenuous.  While beginning the store, a prefabricated greenhouse with attached shop, he had another, more serious heart attack.  He was in the hospital for weeks and this was followed by more weeks of bedrest.  We were all concerned for him, and we were especially concerned that all his worry over the unfinished greenhouse would be bad for his heart.

When it appeared Dad was improving somewhat and able to putter around the place, a wonderful neighbor asked what he could do to help our family.  Dad said the only thing he needed was what no one could give him–a completed flower shop that would allow him to go back to work and support his family.

The following Saturday we opened the blinds to behold a cement mixer, gravel, wood and glass, along with a half dozen neighborhood men.  We had always heard of a barn raising.  We got to watch a greenhouse and flower shop raising.  When the day was done, the new building stood finished enough to accept flower and merchandise deliveries.  And the day the first delivery came–several of those neighbors unpacked and stocked the store.   No one could ever fully realize what this act of love and kindness meant to our family.  How could we ever complain about our situation when God had sent us angels to help us in our time of need.  We were so very grateful.  Our hearts were just filled to overflowing with love and emotion.  This is definitely a memory I will keep till my dying day.  This is a memory that builds me up when life knocks me down.


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