A Mother’s Love

I was working side by side with a young man who told me his mother hated him.  I asked if he was sure it was hate and not just a lot of conflict.  He assured me she had professed her hatred of him and based it on his similarity to his father whom she had divorced.  Overcome with sadness for him, I asked who he had in his life to love him.  He claimed his grandma and an uncle loved him.  He also said he got “crumbs of love” from older people like me.

This is so tragic.  A child may get enough affirmation to be safe from emotional disturbance, but rejection by one’s own mother causes a deep sadness that lasts a lifetime.  How that mother needed counseling about her divorce.  She needed healing from her bitterness, because bitterness poisons others as well as oneself.  How sad that these two parents who once loved one another could dissolve into such bitter hatred it was damaging the child they had borne together.


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