The First Commandment

I am to love God with my whole heart, soul, mind and strength.  That is what I was made for, and any other loves flow from that primary relationship.  Even my love for my neighbor flows from, is directed by and empowered by God.  How many of us can say we love God with our whole anything?  We are all doubleminded, and I think that is the root cause of sin.  In fact, that IS the sin: self centeredness.  I used to think of ways I could show God how I loved Him.  That was actually self-centered.  How astounding to think it could be self-centered to imagine ways to love and serve God!  The thing is, when I imagine how I will love and serve God, it is all beginning with me.  I am determining what my God will ask of me.  How can I say God has first place in my life if my very love and service begins with me.  If God truly has first place in my life, I approach Him humbly, confessing I fall short in loving Him as He deserves, and ask Him to show me how to love and serve Him.  Then I obey what He shows me.


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