Injustice in Abortion

In this day when so much emphasis is put on social justice, its amazing so few people consider there is injustice in abortion.  Abortion is unjust on at least three counts.  Abortion is an injustice to the person who has lost their chance to experience life.  All of us have experienced good things in life–relationships, beauty, the use of our senses, learning, the opportunity to grow, mature and develop our talents.  Someone who is aborted loses this experience of life.  It doesn’t matter that they are still too immature to know what they are missing.  Someone who doesn’t know they are being cheated is cheated all the same.

Abortion is an injustice to all the people who long for the experience of parenthood and have waited years to adopt a child.  How sad to see the lives of their hoped-for children snuffed out for the sake of someone else’s decision.  All the reasons surrounding the inability to raise a child melt in the face of someone else’s burning desire to raise that child when they also have the ability to raise it well.

Lastly, abortion is an injustice to God.  Life belongs to God.  Ultimately, though we do the things necessary to initiate life–it is not us who created the life.  A farmer plants, fertilizes and waters, but ultimately cannot make the crops grow.  Life is God’s and as such, God makes the decisions about that life.  Why would God not make plans for what He creates?  We do.  If someone destroys our property, thats injustice.  To destroy God’s property is injustice too.

A side issue is what abortion does to a nation.  When a nation decides its children are expendable, we get an aging, weakening, dying country.  Whether that is injustice can be argued.  Maybe its perfect justice.  Those nations unwilling to care for children will have no one to care for them as their culture dies.



3 Responses to “Injustice in Abortion”

  1. amarinaccio514 Says:

    Who the hell are YOU to tell another human being how to live their life? Why are YOU trying to impose YOUR moral convictions on somebody else? YOU are NO better than Muslims who have declared Jihad on America. The Bible says that YOU will go to heaven if YOU live by it. This country was founded on FREEDOM. Stripping someone of their FREEDOMS is UNAMERICAN. Mothers should have a CHIOCE with what to do with a PARASITE, living inside of them.


    Canada is north, and they WILL SET UP PROGRAMS to give an abortion to US CITIZENS who CAN GO to Canada if this country were to strip women of their right to have an abortion. Outlawing it WON’T STOP people who want the abortion, it wouldn’t stop me. What’s worse is that people who CAN’T get to Canada, would have abortions performed crudely, in crude UNSAFE environments in which the FETUS would be disposed of in a MOST inhumane way. IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT?????? YOU SICK FU_CK Why don’t you move to the Middle East where women have NO RIGHTS and EVERYTHING IS DICTATED BY THE HOLY SCRIPTURE??? IT WOULD FIT YOU PERFECTLY. YOU are no better than Al-Queda and I am ashamed to have to say that YOU are my fellow American.

    I am NOT PRO-ABORTION, if it was MY WIFE bearing OUR child, there is NO WAY IN HELL I would let her get an abortion (except in life threatening situations) because a) the child is AS MUCH MINE as it is HERS, AND because b) SHE made a commitment to ME and we became two halves of the same WHOLE, so it is MY decision as much as it is HERS. HOWEVER, I AM PRO-CHOICE, PRO-FREEEEDOM. If the parents or unmarried woman, WANTS or NEEDS an abortion then it is THEIR CHIOCE. I will not try to stop them.

    Surely, you cannot be ignorant of MITOSIS, can you? GOD doesn’t create a DAMN thing, just like SANTA CLAUSE doesn’t bring a SINGLE present. WE make life, WE ARE GOD. If WE want the baby gone, then GOD HAS SPOKEN.

    Do you believe that lightning bolts are hurled by a man named Zeus? No. And why not? Because scientists have proven that static charges cause lightning.
    Scientists have also proven that the Earth is 4.6 Billion Years Old, yet you still believe the Bible????? hmmmm……. What makes the Bible different???

    I, Nonni, just have to reply that this writer makes my point entirely. This gentleman has no regard for the life yet unlived, the nation, or God. In fact, he denies God. Thats another whole argument, which will never be proved to this man’s satisfaction. Those who deny God will never find enough evidence for his existence. I thought it was noteworthy that this man also had no concern for his wife’s feelings about abortion. In effect, his whole argument is based on his sole rights in a godless universe. From whom do rights come if not from God? Survival of the fittest?

  2. amarinaccio514 Says:

    First of all, you never answered my question: Have you considered the consequences of instituting such a law as one that that would ban abortion???

    Now here are my responses to what you said:

    “This gentleman has no regard for the life yet unlived, the nation, or God.”

    And you have no respect for the life being lived. You would strip women of their rights faster than you would call me an Atheist. Actually, I DO have reguard for the nation. This nation was founded on freedom from the tyrranical majority. This nation was founded on the belief that the individual’s freedom is more important than the will of the masses. This nation was founded on SEPERATION OF CHURCH FROM STATE. This nation was founded on FREEDOM OF RELIGION, this means that everyone is entitled to their own philosophy and that NO ONE has the right to exact their religious morals on ANYONE ELSE. You are right though, I have no reguard for an Invisible, Schizophrenic, All-Knowing, All-Powerful, being who defies all laws of Physics. Sorry, I chose to reject IGNORANCE and accept LOGIC.

    “In fact, he denies God. Thats another whole argument, which will never be proved to this man’s satisfaction. Those who deny God will never find enough evidence for his existence.”

    That is not true. If you can show me physical or mathematical evidence that he exists, then I will be more than satisfied. The reason I will never find enough evidence is not becasue I will deny all the evidence you present me with, but rather because you have no mathematical or physical evidence to back your theory. It is not a matter of denial, it is a matter of examination. When I or any other logical entity pit the Theory of God and the Theory of Science against each other in an examination, we all come to the same conclusion: There is far more evidence that supports the Theory of Science than there is that supports the Theory of God. Consider if the two were put to trial in a court, with evidence presented to each, who would win?

    “I thought it was noteworthy that this man also had no concern for his wife’s feelings about abortion.”

    What are you talking about???? I said that our baby would be a 50/50 decision and not all hers. How is that no concern for my wife’s opinion?????????

    “In effect, his whole argument is based on his sole rights in a godless universe. From whom do rights come if not from God? Survival of the fittest?”

    Uuuuummmmmm…………….in the United States, our rights come from the CONSTITUTION!?!?!?!!!! One of those rights is freedom of religion. You have the right to believe what you want, but you do not have the right to force other people to conform to your beliefs or morals. I RESPECT the Constitution and The Supreme Court. Roe vs. Wade.

    I realize I did not mention this earlier, I strongly discourage abortions without just reasoning after the 24th Week, when the lungs fully develop making the fetus viable. Maybe we have common ground there, but I do not wish to strip anyone of their rights as given to them by the Constitution: The Greatest Document Ever Written.

    From Nonni: I did not say anything about changing the law. I merely said there is injustice in it, and I stand by that.
    I stand by the Bill of Rights. They attribute our inalienable rights to God. I stand by the statement that its mathematically impossible for this universe to have happened by chance. Evolution is as unproveable as Creation. We can’t go back to the beginning and observe what happened, therefore all we can do is interpret evidence. The evolutionist will tell you it can’t be proved, its only the best interpretation of the evidence–if you reject a creator. Evolution is also slowly being rejected by scientists because of the great “leaps” that are required to get from one form to another. Its not just linear progression. Some scientists reject a creator as being “unscientific”, but why? A creator is also a plausible interpretation of the evidence. Also, why would you prohibit abortion after the 24th week? If mankind is just a random happening, what confers any value to a 24 week fetus? Does it have constitutional rights? When did that happen? If the constitution is merely something humans thought up, and humans merely have rights conferred on them by other humans, why can’t our Supreme Court just bend and shape the constitution so only the strong have rights? Didn’t Roe v Wade confer a new right to privacy never mentioned in the constitution? Didn’t that strip fathers and grandparents of any rights? Face it, Roe v Wade took away your right to your own child if your wife doesn’t want it. How could it do that? Don’t you have some constitutional right here? Fact is, the constitution becomes very plastic once humans lose the inalienable rights bestowed by THEIR CREATOR. Thats what gave the constitution teeth. I will not argue this any further. I’ve made my points, you’ve made yours. Anyone reading this will form their own opinion. Thank you.

  3. amarinaccio514 Says:

    Okay, I won’t respond with a counter arguement, but I will answer your question:

    “Also, why would you prohibit abortion after the 24th week? If mankind is just a random happening, what confers any value to a 24 week fetus?”

    Because the 24th week is when the fetus FULLY develops LUNGS. Before this point in time the fetus can NOT LIVE because it can NOT BREATH. If you were to get an abortion before the 24th week, it would result in the same thing as a live birth: Death. After the 24th week, however, the fetus has a slight chance of living, albeit with so many complications it would be inhumanely cruel to give a live birth in the 24th week.

    Also, just a little insight into non-religious people: We aren’t necissarily IMMORAL, I mean we aren’t Satanic Anarchists who hate EVERYTHING about Theology, that would make Earth a hellhole. We tend to be intellectuals who dislike what WE deem to be ignorance, however i have no problem with people of theology, as long as they are not overzealous. I entrust my knowledge to rationality and logic, I believe what is proven to me, I develop my morals on what I deem just and I draw justification from a variety of resources: Buddha, parts of the Bible, Humanists and Naturalists.

    I’m sorry for my callous messages, if they alienated you in any way that you may have thought impertinent, such as castigating god. Sorry, it was callow and puerile of me. By the way, I’m only 17, am still in HS and have no wife, nor do I know what it is like to have one.

    BUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY, I wanted you to know that you did make me change my mind: I researched abortions after reading and found out about what happens in the 24th week, which I was ignorant of beforehand, so, Thank You. This may not make YOU feel any better because you may believe in life at conception, but I feel better now that I know how truly asenine and tactless I was before. 🙂

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