Finding Our Way Home

A little hummingbird got lost in the big dining room where I was working.  All around him were windows and the one open door he’d flown through to get inside.  He tried one window after the other, just fluttering up and down, back and forth against the glass, going nowhere.  Everything was a false opening.  It looked good, but wasn’t real.  I thought about trying to help him, but he would have been afraid of my strangeness and my size and possibly in fear might have flown still further from the door.

Suddenly, I saw a parable in this.  The little bird represents the lost soul who wants to find his way home.  He looks and looks at things that look good, but are false.  While God could lead him home, God is terrifying and he runs away.  How is it then, hard to believe, that God should become a man, so fearful humans can experience God in a way they can understand and not feel threatened.  How kind of God to come as Jesus.  He has not only shown us the way home, He is the Way.


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