A Coupon for Jesus

As I walked into the fast food restaurant, I was accosted by a stranger who told me he had a coupon for me for a deal “too good to be true”.  The coupon said something about Jesus.  Before I could finish reading it, he asked me if I was a Christian and when I said “yes” he handed me a whole stack of his coupons and said I should be preaching the gospel as he was doing because Jesus commanded us to do that.  Somehow, I just felt uncomfortable with the whole thing.  I guess I didn’t really experience Jesus as much as I experienced a sales pitch.  Now I’m not sure that God wouldn’t use even a sales pitch to make Himself known.  He can use anything.  If someone’s discomfort made them investigate Jesus  just to prove the salesman to be a nut case, that person through their searching may experience the real Jesus.  A real experience of Jesus involves a profound encounter with love and grace which has never before happened to a person.  I like to introduce Jesus to people in a context of love and grace, but really, its not about me.  A Jesus moment is a gift from Himself and He can use any means of delivery.


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